Florida Lawn Weed Control Guide


Dandelions are named from their sharp lanced laced leaves that resemble lions teeth. They are distinguishable by yellow flowers that grow in flower beds and throughout lawns. The dandelion can change into a global seed head over night. Turning white in color it will spread seeds over a broad distance with a hint of wind.


The best way to combat crabgrass is to prevent it from taking hold by maintaining a healthy dense lawn. Baking soda has proven effective at targetting small areas of crabgrass. Crabgrass grow from seed annually and forms independent clusters.


Spurge is identified by the sets of rounded leaves and hairy stems. Spurge excretes a poisonous sap that is dangerous to pets and people. General broadleaf weed control is an effective method of managing spurge.


Most commonly identified by the iconic three leaf pattern. General broadleaf weed control should eliminate the presence of clover from your lawn.


Buttonweed produces by both shoots and seeds and prefers high moisture soil conditions. Buttonweed is identified by the small white flowers produced during the late summer and early fall. General broadleaf weed control should eliminate the presence of buttonweed from your lawn.