Brown Patch Fungus Disease

Brown patch disease is caused by a species of Rhizoctonia fungus. It occurs in St Augustine, Bermuda, Bahia, and Centipede lawns and grasses.

Brown patch fungus typically begins in a small area of the lawn, but can spread quickly. First signs of the disease is the yellowing of the foliage.

Affected blades are easily pulled from the stolon because the fungus destroys the tissue at the leaf base. Diseased areas will generally appear in a circular pattern.

Surviving sprigs will often grow in the center giving a smoke ring appearance. Brown patch thrives in warm humid conditions.

There are many lawn care agents available to try to address lawn disease issues. Many times a disease issue can worsen if not correctly identified and incorrect agent is applied .

In many instances it is wise to contact a local lawn care company to ensure correct disease identification and treatment plan.

Treatment for Brown Patch Fungus

Brown Patch Fungus thrives in wet or humid conditions. A fungicide is necessary to control Brown Patch Fungus. Most hardware stores carry lawn fungicides, just be sure to check the label to be sure that Brown Patch Fungus is targetted by that product.