Buffalo Grass

Turf Grass Species: Bouteloua dactyloides

Buffalo grass is distinctive in its blue green color and curling leaf blades. It is established by seeding numerous runners then produce a tight sod.

Buffalo grass has an excellent tolerance for high temperatures and drought. Buffalo grass is agreeable with a wide range of soil ph.

It can be destroyed easily by cultivation making growth control manageable in gardens and flower beds. Buffalo grass is not shade tolerant and not suitable for high traffic areas.

Excessive rain or watering can weaken the grass leaving it prone for disease.

Mowing should be at 1 to 3 inches in height.

Advantages of Buffalo Grass

  • High tolerance for drought
  • Low maintenance
  • Can handle high temperature
  • Wide range soil ph

Disadvantages of Buffalo Grass

  • Weakened by excessive water
  • Poor shade tolerance
  • Easily invaded by weeds
  • Very poor traffic tolerance

Soil Type

Grows in a wide range of soil ph.

Sun vs. Shade

Buffalo grass requires full sun to thrive and does not grow in shady areas.

Reproduction Method

Buffalo grass grows by stolons and seed.