Armyworms & Caterpillars

Armyworms are the caterpillar stage of a moth. They are yellowish brown with stripes along the sides of the body.

At maturity they are 1 to 2 inches in length. A moth can lay several eggs clusters at a time.

Each cluster containing hundreds of eggs. These caterpillars are harder to spot in the lawn since they feed at night.

They are extremely damaging to turf grass. Damage seems to appear almost overnight. Injured grass has notches chewed a long the sides of the blade and will begin to yellow and brown.

Unlike other pests damage caused by armyworms does not just appear in specific areas but will spread throughout the turf until the food source is diminished. In cases of major infestation the grass will be eaten down to soil level.

Insecticides are recommended to solve this problem. Unfortunately they can also kill the armyworm's natural predators as well. Contacting a lawn service professional for treatment advisory and proper spraying is advised.

Treatment for Armyworms

Professional lawn spraying is the best solution for controlling white grubs. Ortho Max and Talstar granules are also effective solutions for killing white grubs in the larval stage.