Bahia Grass

Turf Grass Species: Paspalum Notatum

Bahia grass is a popular grass in Florida because of its ability to grow in less fertile sandy soils. This crab apple green grass is grown by seeding and produces a dense sod.

Bahia grass forms an extensive root system making it very tolerant to drought conditions. It has a strong resistance to lawn pests and thrives in sunny areas.

Bahia grass will withstand moderate traffic. Bahia grass does not tolerate being over watered and does poorly in shady areas.

Bahia grass should be mowed to 3 4 inches in height.

Advantages of Bahia Grass

  • Resistant to most pests
  • Drought tolerant
  • Grows in infertile soil
  • Produces a dense sod

Disadvantages of Bahia Grass

  • Unattractive seed heads
  • Weed control difficult
  • Sensitive to over watering
  • Grows poorly in shady areas
  • Weekly mowing required

Soil Type

Grows best in sandy soils with low ph.

Sun vs. Shade

Full sunlight required. Grows poorly in shady areas.

Reproduction Method

Bahia grass reproduces through runners,rhizomes, and seeds.