Florida Lawn Insect Control Guide

Chinch Bugs

Chich bugs damage grass by feeding on the plant juices through a needle-shaped beak causing lawns to develop yellow and brown patches. Eggs hatch in 10 days and the young develop into adults in as little as 3 weeks. Although chinch bugs are most commonly found feeding on St. Augustine grass, they will infest other grass species. Read More »

Mole Crickets

The most common types of mole crickets found in Florida inclue the Southern Mole Cricket and the Tawney Mole Cricket. Mole crickets feed on the roots of turf grasses and create visible tunnels near the soil surface. Read More »


Armyworms are the caterpillar stage of a moth and are extremely damaging to turf grass. They are yellowish brown with stripes along the sides of the body. Read More »

Sod Webworms

Sod webworms destroy lawns by chewing away the tissue of the grass blade leaving only a colorless membrane on the leaf. As the grass is aggressively attacked by the webworm its leaves become ragged and yellow to brownish in color. Read More »

White Grubs

White grubs are the larvae of beetles. They have three pairs of legs near the head of the body. The body is white with a brown head and dark area on the rear abdomen. Read More »

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