Centipede Grass

Turf Grass Species: Eremochloa ophiuroides

Centipede grass is the most common used for Florida homes. This grass is ideal for home owners who want a lawn with low maintenance.

Centipede grass is yellow green in color. It spreads by stolons producing a medium texture. This is a low growing grass which allows for longer periods between mowing.

It is a loose turf so wear resistance is low. It is drought resistant and will grow in sandy mildly acidic soil.

Centipede grass can be established by seeding and spreads through runners. Though it thrives in full sun , this grass has a good tolerance for shady areas as well.

Unlike most warm season grasses it is fairly tolerant of cold weather above freezing since it does not go into true dormancy. Centipede grass is sensitive to over fertilization so little is needed for turf maintenance.

Mowing should be 1 1/2 to 2 inch height.

Advantages of Centipede Grass

  • Requires less mowing
  • Little fertilization needed
  • Drought tolerant
  • Survives mild cold
  • Good tolerance to shade

Disadvantages of Centipede Grass

  • Low wear resistance
  • Susceptible to nematodes & ground pearls
  • Poor salt tolerance

Soil Type

Sandy mildly acidic soil with 5 to 6 ph level.

Sun vs. Shade

Grows best in sunny areas will tolerate shade.

Reproduction Method

Centipede grass reproduces by stolons and seeds.