White Grubs

White grubs are the larvae of beetles. They have three pairs of legs near the head of the body. The body is white with a brown head and dark area on the rear abdomen.

At rest they reside in a C shaped position. White grubs have a longer life cycle ranging from 1 to 4 years.

White grubs damage turf grass by feeding on the roots. The first signs of infestation resemble drought conditions.

Grass begins to wilt in areas even though it has been receiving adequate water. As the roots are destroyed by these pests the grass begins to yellow and die.

The grass can be pulled up easily due to the damage caused by the grubs. In order to remove these pest insecticides need to be applied.

If the infestation is severe it is best to contact a lawn care professional to have the larvae and eggs exterminated to prevent farther damage.

Treatment for White Grubs

Professional lawn spraying is the best solution for controlling white grubs. Ortho Max and Talstar granules are also effective solutions for killing white grubs in the larval stage.