Sod Webworms

Sod webworms begin to show in Florida lawns around June. This pest feeds on all types of warm season turf and grasses.

This caterpillar is 1/25 in when hatched and grows to in in maturity and are usually light green with black spots. It takes 12 weeks to mature to adulthood. The adult moth is brown and has wings that fold beneath the body.

Sod webworms destroy lawns by chewing away the tissue of the grass blade leaving only a colorless membrane on the leaf. As the grass is aggressively attacked by the webworm its leaves become ragged and yellow to brownish in color.

Rapid growth from applications of nitrogen fertilizers attracts egg laying female moths. Using a slow release nitrogen fertilizer will reduce the incidence of damage from these pests.

Treatment for Sod Webworms

Professional lawn spraying is the best solution for controlling sod webworms. Ortho Max and Talstar granules are also effective solutions for killing sod webworms as well of a wide variety of other lawn pests and insects.