Florida Lawn & Turf Grass Types

St. Augustine Grass

Turf Grass Species: Stenotaphrum Secundatum
St Augustine grass is the most popular choice for lawns in the southern United States. This grass has broad flat blades and is a dark blue green color. Read More »

Bermuda Grass

Turf Grass Species: Cynodon Dactylon
Bermuda grass is most commonly used on sports fields and golf courses. It has grey green blades are short with long rough edges. Bermuda grass grows very well in hot climates. Read More »

Bahia Grass

Turf Grass Species: Paspalum Notatum
Bahia grass is a popular grass in Florida because of its ability to grow in less fertile sandy soils. This crab apple green grass is grown by seeding and produces a dense sod. Read More »

Centipede Grass

Turf Grass Species: Eremochloa Ophiuroides
Centipede grass is the most common used for Florida homes. This grass is ideal for home owners who want a lawn with low maintenance. Read More »

Buffalo Grass

Turf Grass Species: Bouteloua Dactyloides
Buffalo grass is distinctive in its blue green color and curling leaf blades. It is established by seeding numerous runners then produce a tight sod. Read More »

Zoysia Grass

Turf Grass Species: Zoysia
Zoysia grass is probably the most beautiful landscape grass in the south. Zoysia is established in lawns by planting sod, plugs , and or sprigs. Read More »